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For sale Finca - Cortijo Costa Del Sol La Laguna € 9.800.000,- RSOR2317583
Price: € 9.800.000,-


For sale Finca - Cortijo Costa Del Sol La Laguna € 9.800.000,-

Lot size1295m²
Setting: Beachfront
Orientation: North West
Condition: Good
Pool: Private
Views: Sea
Category: Beachfront RSOR2317583
Price: € 9.800.000,-

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For sale Finca - Cortijo Costa Del Sol La Laguna € 9.800.000,-


The Finca is placed in Tenerife, in the Canary Islands, belonging to Spain.
The volcanic island, located in the middle of the Atlantic, has a sub-tropical climate. Its orography and the influence of the trade winds generates different microclimates resulting in a rich landscape and biodiversity. This makes the island one of the most visited places by Europeans, especially during the winter.
Located north of Tenerife, the town of Valle de Guerra, belongs to the municipality of La Laguna and is only 5 miles from Los Rodeos International Airport, one of the two that has the island.
With a total area of 438.077 m2 and direct access to the coastal strip, the property may be divided in two main parcels of land:
La Finca is just 10 minutes away from the village of Valle de Guerra and 20 min away from the city of San Cristobal de La Laguna, declared World Heritage by UNESCO.
The average annual temperature ranges from 12 º minimum C to 26 º C maximum (53 to 79 Fahrenheit), with a rainfall of 350 mm/year, making of it a perfect place for the farming of tropical fruit, vines, vegetables and ornamental plants and trees.
Your own unique Paradise is waiting in La Finca.
These lands were traditionally intended for banana cultivation. Today, although banana production is still predominant, other fruits such as papayas, mangoes, lychees, avocados, oranges, watermelons, various vegetables and a variety of ornamental plants, have been introduced.
If you are interested in acquire La Finca, you must know that it has everything it needs, all the infrastructure and resources necessary to carry out all the farming operations in a self-sufficient way.
Five ponds give such water supply that allow full capacity of irrigation:
Pond nº 1 nº 2 nº 3 nº 4 nº 5
Capacity (m3) 10.560,00 3.360,00 1.800,00 2.592,00 1.368,00
State of the art fully automated irrigation system, with two independent dripping irrigation heads, one for bananas and the other one for the rest of cultivations. The system is a real saver in water and fertilizers since it is capable of injecting fertilizers into the irrigation network. It also controls pH and conductivity.
Organic waste recycling capacity, with a massive impact in savings in fertilizers, waste management and improving the quality of the production.
The banana and papaya production currently holds the Global GAP international quality certificate, granted by the European Food Distribution.
In addition, the MPS Standard is established in all the Catesa Foods S.L. Company. A Standard recognized throughout Europe in the ornamental plant industry, focused in environmental sustainability and optimal social conditions.
On an eternal spring, the excellent air and sea communications of the island and the extensive hotel and leisure offer, made over 5 million people from Europe come and visit Tenerife in 2013.
Between January and August 2014, Tenerife received nearly one million more visits than in the same period of 2013. This constant influx of visitors makes the potential market and profitability of a place like La Finca, endless.
Because of its privileged location, the existing infrastructures and the huge production capability, the property may be adapted to whatever project you ever dreamed of: a botanical or agricultural park, a retirement, rehabilitation or wellness center, etc.
Or, if you prefer to let your imagination fly away, you could turn it into a golf course, an international restoration hub or high performance sports center.
In the middle of the estate, surrounded by exotic vegetation, we find the main house. Built with unmistakable Canary style, it has an area of 267.18 m² in four bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, lounge, dining room, kitchen and service area.
Outside, the swimming pool and the garden with its extraordinary views, complete an authentic nature's work of art that makes the scape from everyday life, extremely simple.

Close to the Main House, with an area of 108 m2, has 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, living room and garage, it offers possibilities as a guest house, restaurant or office center.

In the upper part of the land you may find this historic building, called after the family who built it up and lived in it. Despite it is currently abandoned, it still has his walls intact, making a future reconstruction viable.
Its views of the Atlantic, the independent access from the rest of the state and its 220 m2 of area, open a world of alternatives to the possible use of this house as a villa, entertainment building or hospitality.

Next to the Main House we find a 110 m2 hall with a small kitchen, toilet, porch and outdoor barbecue in a beautiful garden, designed for parties and other events.

La Finca is comprised of over 30 acres of farming land. It would be impossible to carry out a successful exploitation of the land without an administrative center and a place for the large tem of workers to clean up and rest. For this purpose there is a 685 m2 building equipped with offices, dining room and locker rooms.

In order to achieve the right temperature and to enhance the growth of the ornamental and tropical fruit plants like bananas and papayas, there are several greenhouses covering an area of 88,850 m2, of which 60,121 m2 are newly created.
All the plants and trees under these structures are submitted to the most rigorous pest controls in order to protect them from any biological agents.

Another striking feature of La Finca, is its beautiful botanical garden. Next to the Main House and with a total area of 1,600 m2, exhibits more than 30 different species of palm trees, cycads and zaminaceae, brought over a the last century from different locations of the planet.
Entering this little oasis means not only to be in contact with nature, but to be a part of it.

La Finca is seaside. From the top of the cliffs, many natural balconies allow the eye to enjoy the views of the Teide and the Atlantic and a path drives directly to the sea shore passing by a forest of cardones, tarajales and tabaibas.
Through the years, the erosion of the sea has formed many natural pools perfect for a pleasant swim.


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